Thursday, October 14, 2010

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The Eighth Letter

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Megan Fox Photo Courtesy of Interview Magazine

Megan Fox , Lea Michelle, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry & Naomi Campbell all have a completely different sense of style. Though lately they've had at least ONE thing in common: Bangs. From Bettie Page's iconic hair-do to a style a little more like model turned muse Peggy Moffitt, bangs seem to be all over the place.

Though I couldn't pull these looks off, I can't deny my interest in them. Be they natural, or a wig it's obvious these hairstyles are coming back. Do you think it's trend worthy?

References for hair:
(Megan/Interview Magazine)
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(Beyonce/Music Video - Why don't you love me?)
(Katy/Music Video - California Gurls)

The Makeup Show 2010 part 2

So...normally I wouldn't wait a million years to post pictures, BUT I lost my camera cord! Ugh! So finally I have them uploaded! Too bad I didn't learn photography while I was there, because, dang--I couldn't shoot a good picture if my life depended on it. Hahaha!
Here are my favorite 3. All from my master class with Dany Sanz, and her creation of a darker Snow White.

Check out my facebook page for the rest!

Amazing.....she's such an inspiration. xo

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Must Haves

Unless you're Lady Gaga it seems that fall and winter can be such a drab time for fun fashion, makeup and hair. I can be fashionably lazy for the sake of being cozy, and get away with it during freezing temps. But that's why I love summer. You say goodbye to drab and hello to your inner sex pot. With flowy tops, cute skirts, beach hair, rocker nails and a fresh dewy face you're staying comfortable and in style. Here are some of the products that have come into play in my beauty regime this summer. :)

Bumble and Bumble: Surf Spray - $22 - Summer is filled with moisture. In the air, on the skin, and if you take a dip your hair is bound to get wet. If it's wavy to curly like my own you know the end result of this is not a cute look. If you can't beat it, join it. On damp hair spray this salt water formula generously for beachy tousled looks with minimal frizz.

Guerlain: Terracotta Touch Glow Enhancing Perfector - $40 - Summer, after summer I see women with the light patches under their eyes. When you're tan you need to change not only your foundation, or tinted moisturizer but also your concealer. Avoid the patchy look with a dewy, tan concealer like this one.

Kardashian: Glamour Tan - $34 - Since Kim Kardashian got so badly sun burned last year and hopped on the "sunless tan" bandwagon I figured she'd use her super savvy bizz skills and make a product. She did. I had my doubts, and before trying a self tanner I always get nervous that i'll look like a carrot. However, Kim being the perfectionist she is really perfected the art of tan in a bottle. This went on evenly, didn't look orange to me at all and has pretty good staying power. Worth a try!

Sephora by O.P.I: Chic Prints - $16 a set - Much like the paws of Beyonce, Fergie, Rihanna and Katy Perry! Minx have been making nails funky and fabulous for all sorts of A-Listers. Try out this heat activated manicure on a sheet and make all of your friends jealous. I've already ordered the anchors for my vacation in maine. ;)

Make Up For Ever: Aqua Cream - $22 - I've suggested this before, and i'll do it again. Waterproof and fadeproof, It's a must have for a beach day. There is a complimentary color for every skin tone to get a little flush on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Sort of an entire face of makeup in a pot. To finish off your simple, fresh, and understated look open and define your eyes with your favorite waterproof mascara.

Aquolina Pink Sugar: Body Spritzer - $20 - I've been wearing pink sugar for years, it's a crowd pleaser. Ha! Literally everywhere I go people ask me what I have on. It's such a sweet smell and perfect for the beach. It's sexy, without trying TOO hard. Since the perfume isn't portable friendly try the spritzer. Long lasting, and can hang out in your beach bag or purse without breaking.

What are your summer favorites, or new products you'd like to try??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frump change

So! A couple weeks ago I wrote about changing my look, and my unhealthy ways. I feel that between my career as a makeup artist, always glamming other people up, and juggling two kids I've spent less time on ME and accidentally let myself go. So my little plan entails changing everything from clothes, weight, skin, hair etc. - the whole nine.

So, first I spent week one really working on my body, and nutrition plan, thanks to Katrina, and Karena of ToneItUp! I could give you a biography on who and what this is, but I won't....I want to encourage everyone who reads this to go to the link yourself and read up! Especially if you're like me, and need to dust yourself off a little bit, and do some re-vamping. You won't be sorry.

So yes, the diet plan. I'll be honest - the weekend before I began I felt like I was on death row. Don't get me wrong, I was excited for this opportunity to change, but I've "tried and failed" so many times that I was fearful this time would be no different. I spent the weekend with friends, and went to Mohegan Sun. I ate at Todd English's Tuscany (soda, spaghetti and meatballs, and bread, bread, bread) and then later I even went to Krispy Kreme!!! I felt like complete garbage, but I chalked it up to "last hurrah," which I always do, but it has never really been the LAST.

On Monday, I went for my suggested morning walk and came home to eat what I thought would taste like--I'll keep it real-- crap, as all other "diet" foods do. I made a ToneItUp! breakfast recipe of oats with almonds, raisins and bananas and LOVED it! I followed their meal plan to a “T,” and by the end of the night and 5 meals later, it hit me: I'm not on a DIET, I CAN stick to this, I'm changing my lifestyle. I spent the other 5 days faithfully exercising and staying true to my eating plan.

I can honestly say I felt better in those 5 days than I ever have. I wasn't hungry, I didn't crave junk food, I had so much energy and I didn't feel bloated, weighed down, and miserable with myself. I was eating real food that tasted great, 5 times a day, drinking water, working out and feeling amazing. Then the weekend came, and I was shaken out of my ToneItUp bubble. It was EASY to stock my own fridge up with healthy food, and follow their delicious diet plan. Going out is a different story. This wasn't any ole' weekend either, it was MEMORIAL DAY! The BBQ weekend of all weekends, and I had 3 parties to attend! How would I stick to this??

Everywhere I looked I saw hot dogs, burgers, cheese, crackers, soda, BEER, cakes, pies and ice cream. Normally I would have stuffed my face pretty good and said "back on track tomorrow"- anything to get me off the hook for the moment for some guilt free indulging. Instead I stuck to my plan, ate veggies instead of crackers and lemon water instead of Mountain Dew. By the end of the weekend I swear every favorite food of mine made an appearance. Candy, brownies, apple pie, cheesecake, chips, dip, crackers--should I continue??? For a moment I was feeling sad, and deprived. Then I realized, every month on my calendar is cluttered with special occasions, holidays or birthdays. There will always be a reason to eat cake, or pizza. I can always "start again on Monday." I've been "cheating" on my "diets" for years with all of these excuses. So, I stopped whining, and reminded myself of my goals. This isn't to say it was easy, or that I will remain perfect throughout this life change. In fact I know there has to be a day in the future where I will have Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers and some margarita's at Chili's (I can hear Katrina and Karena screaming from California! Ha ha!) But I'm happy, and content, with these amazing recipes, and I know I'm on my way to a healthier, happier and more fit me.

To sum it up. In 7 days weight loss started to click for me. I’m eating delicious food and never go hungry. Yo-yo dieting, diet pills, starving myself, then over eating is a thing of the past and I'm happy!!! Oh yeah, and I lost 9 pounds!!!!!!!!

My goals for this week are to find time between work, kids, and activities - get to the gym for my two days of ToneItUp fat blasting, make sure I walk every day for 30 minutes, and drink that ToneItUp metabolism "potion" that terrified me the first time. LOL. I'm still learning. It will take some time to undo 26 years of bad choices, but I think I'm off to a great start!

I'll update you in a couple weeks, when I will delve deeper into diet, and workouts!

Coming soon, I'm cutting my long locks, and going to Nordstroms with a stylist. Guess my sweats are getting canned. Oh boy!

For more on ToneItUp! visit: (Subscribe for fun workouts and yummy recipes!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make Up For Ever is heaven

My kit is filled with hidden cheapy treasures $1 concealers, $2 lipsticks, $4 foundations. I enjoy a mix and match. I've seen some of the "greats" use drugstore products alongside department store, and specialty brands. I'm not a makeup brat, I could give a "Hoot" less if the company has a celebrity ambassador, if they were just recently name dropped by the hottest magazine, and hell... I definitely don't agree that the product is better the more expensive it is. But if you're going to spend some serious money, and go after a "higher level" of product It should be about nothing but diversity, in every sense of the word. I want a product line to cover all of my clients needs, and my own. So, when it comes time to replenish my kit and spend some serious cash it's amazing to be able to pick up a phone and order everything I need in one shot. Make Up For Ever is my absolute favorite line and is always my go-to hot spot for products. I'll risk the chance of sounding infomercial-ish to show you my favorite MUFE products, and maybe you'll agree, or try them out sometime.

HD Primers - I'm loyal and true to these primers as they offer something for everyone. (Green to reduce red, pink to brighten, caramel to warm ashy skin etc.) When it dries it will leave you with a perfect and luminous canvas.

HD Foundation - Since makeup is completely going HD it's important to have a base that will cater to that. These foundations come in the most versatile range of skin tones that I know of, and have the most flawless finish. Try using two shades to sculpt the face.

HD Blush - I've found that cream/liquid blushes can look more natural than powder, however for someone not used to applying them it can turn into a big ole mess on your face. These blushes can provide a sweet glow or a deep contour and they're a little easier to work with as they don't set as fast as some others.

Star Powder - This is really a kit secret weapon! Add to foundation to create a highlighter, add water for the perfect eyeshadow, even combine it with your body lotion for an all over dew. You name it, you can use it. So worth the cost being as it can double as so many different products.

Lash Fibers - My most FAVORITE lash primer! The fibers elongate and thicken so well, then just top with a couple coats of your favorite mascara and I promise you will see more longer, more voluminous lashes.

Aqua Cream - Works similarly to their flash colors but you won't need to seal it as it's waterproof and sets fairly quickly. Use this to get a crease less vibrant pop of color on your eyes, or play around with the color on your lips or cheeks.

Special FX products - Body paint, FX , or Avant Garde with products ranging from cotton string underwear, fun lashes/glitter/crystals to coagulated blood. My favorite would be the plasto wax as you can use this alongside a spatula to erase eyebrows to fully transform a character, or you can create scars/bullet wounds/gashes.

When it comes to Make Up For Ever's products the limits are endless, most everything is multi-functional, which is why they're so amazing! You truly get more bang for your buck, and it's worth every penny.

Do you have a MUFE product fave I didn't list?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MINT craving.

After seeing Beyonce's "Why don't you love me?" video where she flaunts her manicure of Chanel Le Vernis in Nouvelle Vague, I've had a fetish for anything, and everything MINT. Dark or light green it's just so refreshing and fun to the eyes. It got me thinking... what other products do I love that are cool, breezy, fun and-well-minty. Here's a little list for you to get into the spirit.

Make Up For Ever - Flash Color - Pale Green 21- $23 - To me flash colors or SO fun. They really give you the room to be creative. You can use this ANYWHERE. Yes, anywhere. Lips, eyes, cheeks. You could really use this color to bring out your eyes! Try first using a light, shimmery shadow such as shroom (M.A.C) and then adding this color lightly to the inner corners of your eyes and then a tiny bit in the sides and just a tiny amount underneath. It will be a very unexpected play with colors.

NARS - duo eyeshadow - Habanera - $32 These colors are absolutely gorgeous on and off the palette. You can go light, and build up to your liking. Coming in a plum and mint color there are SO many ways to wear this. Have fun!

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer- Color Adjust- $38 - Just as MINT relaxes, soothes, and refreshes you this shade of green primer can do the same for your skin tone! If you suffer from redness and irritation this will reduce the redness and become a perfect base for the start of your makeup.

M.A.C - Pearlglide eye liner - Under currant -$14.50 - I love this line Art Supplies by M.A.C so fun, and it really does remind me of crayons, and colored pencils like we all used in elementary school. You can use this deep minty shade to line the rims of your eye lids, or use on your water line. It really brings out brown and blue eyes the best.

Tokidoki - Punk Lash Mascara - Mad Rocker- $18 - I love this because it doesn't go on too heavy, and dark. You won't go from normal to avant garde in one coat. You can build it up, which is always a plus. Start at one coat for a tint of color, and add more to get your desired effect. Again, my favorite color irises for this shade are brown and blue. But any could pull it off.

Chanel Le Vernis - Nouvelle Vague $25 - Again, the shade that started it all. I figured I would give more props to the inspiration of my new obsession. Not looking to spend that much on nail polish? A great alternative is Revlon Nail Enamel - Minted- $3.50. It isn't as thick as Chanel, so more coats will be necessary to achieve the look.

Do you have any faves to add to the list? What do you think of the Mint trend?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pale is the new tan...

Photo credit: Allure Magazine

Or--it should be.

Back in high school is when I started tanning in a bed, the almost immediate results really blew me away and it gave me this burst of self confidence! I tanned indoors and out from 15 years old until 23. I'm 26 now. I'm what you'd call a recovering tanorexic, tanaholic or whatever new cute nicknames they may say. Thing is, it wasn't cute. Naturally I have milky white skin, which now as a makeup artist I'm in love with! But before I felt hideous unless my skin was dark. Especially since I have dark hair and eyes. My love for dark skin still stands true, it's beautiful and to any of you ladies out there I'm envious! But it was time for me to step out of the bed, off my lawn covered in tanning oil and put on some SPF. Preparing for a vacation a couple years back my desire to look more west Indian than french Canadian resulted in severe sun damage. I won't get into gory details but.....let's just say I've spent some $$$$ on anti aging products and color correcting primer. Ahem. Since I've vowed to be SMART about sun, and healthy about my skin. Thought I was the only one at first but slowly I started noticing Hollywood ladies like Bryce Dallas Howard, Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel Mcadams, Ann Hathway, Christina Hendricks and new to the club Megan Fox look amazing rocking it Au Naturale. What are your plans for this summer?

Looking to stay protected?? Even a lil'?? My Favorite SPF products!!

Aveeno - Baby continuous protection sunblock lotion - I know it says baby, but... I love this product. First off it's SPF55!!! Which means it blocks out over 98% of all incoming UVB rays. Use a generous amount and work it in well.

Josie Maran - Argan Protect SPF 40+ Natural Daily Sun Protection: Whoa...a mouthful. With a name like that it has to be worth something, right? Correct. This is the ONLY product I know of that can serve as a sunblock and makeup primer, while improving your complexion and reversing damage that's already done. Consider the days of white sunblock masked noses over...

Dior- Diorskin Nude Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF10: This is my FAVORITE foundation of all time. It gives you an airbrush quality base, has a little bit of dew to it, and you don't NEED to put a moisturizer underneath as this is a hydrating product.

DuWop Revolotion SPF15: No one at the beach has to know you're cheating. You can mix this with a little body lotion the night before to achieve natural healthy glow. Feel free to also apply it during the day for a little shimmery bronze and to benefit from it's SPF15.

Shiseido Sun Protecting Lip Treatment SPF 36: Don't forget your kisser! This is pretty much sunblock for your lips, and it moisturizes amazingly. ALSO, big plus: Buying this product or any other "skincare challenge item" over $20 earn you a credit. Every 4 credits gets a FREE featured reward. Check out the program!

Pair these skin saviors with your favorite sunglasses, and maybe even a cute hat and you're golden, figuratively speaking. :)

What do YOU use to protect your skin during the year????

Check out Megan Fox dissing tanning in the June issue of ALLURE, out May 25th.
For more information skin cancer-or protecting your skin visit

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Makeup Show 2010

Going into the Makeup Show I was stunned.
It was like planet makeup. Which I'd have NO problem moving to if such a place really existed! I saw people bouncing around table to table scanning new products and checking out the amazing deals. Bodypainters, models, Bloggers, celebrity hair & makeup artists, and stars alike were all mixed in the crowd brought together for one thing: The love of makeup, and it's art.

I was pulled over to Eve Pearl's booth, got to meet her, and she showed off some of her products, which I must say I fell for. You should check out the magic the HD dual pressed powder creates. You can use it wet, or dry, and it's formulated to not get that cakey appearance that most powders get when damp.

At the Stila booth I was introduced to their One step makeup. Absolutely a kit must have as it's a quadruple threat. A primer, foundation, concealer, and powder all in one! Also 100% natural mineral, and paraben free which is a get out of jail free card for your skin. The best part is it lived up to it's hype.

My skin got a makeover at Luminess Air. I'm a Temptu snob, so I must admit I had all intentions of walking past this booth. But I have this condition where I can't say no to people. Glad I stayed! The makeup itself had the consistency of water as its basically a mineral airbrush makeup. Went on smooth and up close looked like MY skin! Oh yeah, and try the body glow it's amazing for those glowaholics out there, and the prices were extremely reasonable!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had Lip Tars! Incredible, as they appear to be a gloss, dry to a satin finish, and have the lasting power of a lipstick. My favorite colors: RX, Tarred, Hush, Vapid, and Hoochie.

These were just a few of my favorite products... after my browsing I was off the the Makeup Beyond Beauty master class with Make Up For Ever's creator and artistic director Dany Sanz!

Sitting in the class waiting for it to begin, and who comes in but Kevin James Bennett. I was so excited!. As a fan of his work I was a little too intimidated to talk to him (Still kicking myself.)
He provided the sweetest introduction for the very beautiful, and talented Dany. She spoke a little about her top secret ;) tips and tricks, and demonstrated how to create an edgy snow white. Two things I noticed about her artistry is she approaches makeup like painting. She literally sketches the face as you would paper or canvas. As a mixed medium artist myself I've always had trouble combining the two. She definitely blurred that line for me, which I think will help me to take my makeup to the next level. It also seemed as her catch phrase was "Why not" which she would say before taking a makeup risk. Most importantly the words that stuck in my head from Miss.Sanz would be "Makeup should be fun! Experiment, it can always wash off." She was so inspiring.

All in all I'd say it was an amazing day. Next year I will go for the two days as there is just so much to see, do and learn. Oh and bring tons of money. Starting to save as :)

Did you go? What did you think?

P.S I have a trillion pictures and my camera/computer cord is M.I.A so...I will load and update asap. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Revamped Retro

For those that know me there is no secret. If I could go back in time and be a pin up girl, Bettie Page, or Marilyn Monroe -- I would.

As today's "Rockabilly" culture is okay, It's not 1940. I've always wondered how to make 2010's pinup a little less phony, more fashion forward and FRESH. Well Katy Perry and her glam team figured it out. Though I was sad this was just a wig, it's a bright blue version of Bettie Page, with a dramatic winged eye, and a revamped retro bathing suit.

Stunning all the way around!

#CaliforniaGurls music video!