Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frump change

So! A couple weeks ago I wrote about changing my look, and my unhealthy ways. I feel that between my career as a makeup artist, always glamming other people up, and juggling two kids I've spent less time on ME and accidentally let myself go. So my little plan entails changing everything from clothes, weight, skin, hair etc. - the whole nine.

So, first I spent week one really working on my body, and nutrition plan, thanks to Katrina, and Karena of ToneItUp! I could give you a biography on who and what this is, but I won't....I want to encourage everyone who reads this to go to the link yourself and read up! Especially if you're like me, and need to dust yourself off a little bit, and do some re-vamping. You won't be sorry.

So yes, the diet plan. I'll be honest - the weekend before I began I felt like I was on death row. Don't get me wrong, I was excited for this opportunity to change, but I've "tried and failed" so many times that I was fearful this time would be no different. I spent the weekend with friends, and went to Mohegan Sun. I ate at Todd English's Tuscany (soda, spaghetti and meatballs, and bread, bread, bread) and then later I even went to Krispy Kreme!!! I felt like complete garbage, but I chalked it up to "last hurrah," which I always do, but it has never really been the LAST.

On Monday, I went for my suggested morning walk and came home to eat what I thought would taste like--I'll keep it real-- crap, as all other "diet" foods do. I made a ToneItUp! breakfast recipe of oats with almonds, raisins and bananas and LOVED it! I followed their meal plan to a “T,” and by the end of the night and 5 meals later, it hit me: I'm not on a DIET, I CAN stick to this, I'm changing my lifestyle. I spent the other 5 days faithfully exercising and staying true to my eating plan.

I can honestly say I felt better in those 5 days than I ever have. I wasn't hungry, I didn't crave junk food, I had so much energy and I didn't feel bloated, weighed down, and miserable with myself. I was eating real food that tasted great, 5 times a day, drinking water, working out and feeling amazing. Then the weekend came, and I was shaken out of my ToneItUp bubble. It was EASY to stock my own fridge up with healthy food, and follow their delicious diet plan. Going out is a different story. This wasn't any ole' weekend either, it was MEMORIAL DAY! The BBQ weekend of all weekends, and I had 3 parties to attend! How would I stick to this??

Everywhere I looked I saw hot dogs, burgers, cheese, crackers, soda, BEER, cakes, pies and ice cream. Normally I would have stuffed my face pretty good and said "back on track tomorrow"- anything to get me off the hook for the moment for some guilt free indulging. Instead I stuck to my plan, ate veggies instead of crackers and lemon water instead of Mountain Dew. By the end of the weekend I swear every favorite food of mine made an appearance. Candy, brownies, apple pie, cheesecake, chips, dip, crackers--should I continue??? For a moment I was feeling sad, and deprived. Then I realized, every month on my calendar is cluttered with special occasions, holidays or birthdays. There will always be a reason to eat cake, or pizza. I can always "start again on Monday." I've been "cheating" on my "diets" for years with all of these excuses. So, I stopped whining, and reminded myself of my goals. This isn't to say it was easy, or that I will remain perfect throughout this life change. In fact I know there has to be a day in the future where I will have Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers and some margarita's at Chili's (I can hear Katrina and Karena screaming from California! Ha ha!) But I'm happy, and content, with these amazing recipes, and I know I'm on my way to a healthier, happier and more fit me.

To sum it up. In 7 days weight loss started to click for me. I’m eating delicious food and never go hungry. Yo-yo dieting, diet pills, starving myself, then over eating is a thing of the past and I'm happy!!! Oh yeah, and I lost 9 pounds!!!!!!!!

My goals for this week are to find time between work, kids, and activities - get to the gym for my two days of ToneItUp fat blasting, make sure I walk every day for 30 minutes, and drink that ToneItUp metabolism "potion" that terrified me the first time. LOL. I'm still learning. It will take some time to undo 26 years of bad choices, but I think I'm off to a great start!

I'll update you in a couple weeks, when I will delve deeper into diet, and workouts!

Coming soon, I'm cutting my long locks, and going to Nordstroms with a stylist. Guess my sweats are getting canned. Oh boy!

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  1. congrats!! You've done a great job with sticking to it, which is my greatest challenge. You're gonna do awesome

  2. Thank you Ashley!!!
    I think it's everyones greatest challenge, I've only been at it for a week so I have a mountain to climb here but....I'm hopeful. Good luck to you too!!