Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mermaid Chic!

It's long since the days I jumped in a pool and swam around pretending I was a mermaid. I always thought they were so enchanting. That's why I can't contain my excitement for the new
mermaid trends that surround us. Regardless if you want to tease up your day to day look, or want a fresh and sultry new idea for Halloween next month, these options are both fun, and stylish.

"Dress" the part! From walking down the aisle, or
the red carpet, various mermaid shapes, and colors are all over and sexier than ever! Flaunt those hips!

For a more casual idea, top off a jeans and T-Shirt look with a Crochet Leaf Scarf. A hot new look, also sort of fitting our theme resembling seaweed! Bakers-Purple/black/gold- $15

1. This polish may be technically "out of season" but you can't deny that it's gorgeous! Perhaps you're a warm weather fanatic, this just could be the way to brighten up the upcoming colder months, put some summer on your nails!

Sephora by O.P.I- Mermaid Collection- in "mail order mermaid" $9

2. This quad embodies fantasy. Put a little blue on using the purple as your accent shade. Experiment. But remember, when using blues there's a fine line between come hither color and Mimi Bobeck.

DIOR -5 color iridescent eyeshadow - in "electric lights" $56

3. If you're not the type for colorful shadow, then be a little daring by putting on only a dash of this eyeliner and some black volumizing mascara.

Make Up For Ever - Aqua eyes- "Blue With Green Highlights 12L" $17

4. Every mermaid's complexion has a rosy dew to it. Being pink and creamy this does the trick. Packed with two colors for contouring, and highlighting. This duo is a sexy combination of sheer pink, and pink champagne with shimmer.

Nars The Multiple Duo in "Maldives/Riviera" $45

5. This gloss so girly, and sweet. Perfect to top your makeup off!

NARS- Lip Gloss- in "Turkish Delight" $24

Lastly, with this trend hair is where it's at.

1. Long waves - When adding curl it's helpful for the hair to not be perfectly clean, so try this do' out on a day where you don't wash your locks. Take a large barrel curling iron, and starting a little off of the bottom curl up to about 3 inches from your roots, leave for a moment then spray. After it settles shake your hair out, or gently run your fingers through it.

2. Mermaid Braids- Two small front braids met in the back, one braid wrapped around your head, One fish tail, or a french braid framing one side of your face. I love this look! Braids are a little tricky if you don't know how. I've found detailed pictures on "how to's" very helpful. I suggest starting off with the "fish tail" or "fish bone" braid. They look intricate and complicated but i find them easier to weave than a french braid!

3. Brunettes to Blonde: Do blondes really have more fun? More celebrities are rocking this look than ever. Perfect for a glamorous little sea nymph! I'm a brunette myself, so this isn't really my favorite fad (traitors! haha) but if you MUST make sure you get it done professionally or i can promise you that your head will resemble a pumpkin rather than Darryl Hannah!

Fall trends: The Earthling...

When you ask a woman what look she's going for, 9 times out of 10 she will say, "natural!" Of course she isn't quite ready to do without makeup completely, she wants just a little help. However sometimes that natural look of muted taupes, tans, and beiges becomes so blasé. That's why I'm so excited about the new "it" looks going on right now! One of this fall's hottest looks is a refined earthy appeal. The colors of foliage, pumpkins, fields of gold, apples, pine trees and rich chocolates are all "now" trends for your face. So it's still natural beauty, just with a POP of vibrant color.

Foundation: To avoid the cakey look and keep your own skin radiating through, you can always use a tinted moisturizer. However, I've always found them to be a bit overrated. Most of the time our imperfections still show through, sometimes they

even give a slick and greasy look to your face. If you agree, try achieving glowing skin by using M.A.C's mineralize line. It will not let you down. Start out with Mineralize Satinfinish SPF foundation, then use a small amount of Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on top. The right shade for you is KEY, so ask for a hand at the counter. (M.A.C has a great tutorial on their website on this product as well!)

Cheeks: Contour, contour, contour! Which is also an amazing cheat to making your face appear thinner, and who doesn't love that around the holidays? I wouldn't suggest using a bronzer to do this, since it's not summer, and our tans are fading, you don't want it to look fake. Also, go easy on the amount used, you don't want a clown effect either. Use a pressed powder that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone and buff under your cheekbones and a tad around your jaw line. Finish up by adding a light flush to the apples of your cheeks, I am obsessed with Nars Blush in "Orgasm." It's not a new product by any means, but it's a must. Light, flattering, and gorgeous on anyone's skin tone.

Eyes: All right, it's what you've been waiting for. Back to the rich autumn colors I was talking about. To dazzle with your lids use Guerlain Eye shadow Quads in both "Brun Mordore 441" and "Bronze Dore 481", or M.A.C eyeshadow "Humid" and Mineralize eyeshadow quad in "Natural Flare" and play around with the placements of each color on your lid. Be creative! Then finish it up with a a smooth line of black liquid liner to your upper lash line. No retro wing though! If there isn't enough liner for your liking, try brushing the bottom lash line with a brown shadow instead of heavy liner. It's about simplicity!

Eyebrows: Stop over-plucking this season! Thicker brows frame the face better, make your face more narrow, and can even take off a few years. Just don't go all Frieda Kahlo on us, that would be overdoing it. Still keep them cleaned up, and nicely placed with a conditioning brow gel by Anastasia.

Lips: Though recently so many dark lip colors, even black, graced the runways and magazines, I would stick to a nude in order to pull off this earthy vibe. We're finishing this up with some sun on your kisser. Try mark. Glow Baby Glow luxe in "Sun Luxe."

For girls on the go...

Let's face it. Time is everything! To some people it isn't as important to rise at dawn just to "put your face on" than it is to slap the Snooze button a dozen times. I know, I'm one of them. Now you don't have to go about your day looking like an ogre. Whether you're a college student, business woman or mother of 4 --great news-- there are so many options to get a little extra shut eye, and still look fabulous!

1. Avon "In a Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets" (14 sheets) - $9.00

No need to buy shadow, brushes and then blend, this does it for you. Close your eyes and with just a rub on the back of the paper you get a professional look in seconds.

2. Covergirl "Outlast Lipstain" - $7.49

I know they look like sharpies! But I swear by this. One application lasts for hours. It mocks that old school "highlighter"trick. Yes, a real highlighter. Though this is only meant for your lips and with much cooler colors. Put some chapstick over it and you have
a colored lipgloss.

3. Lancôme "Oscillation Mascara"- $34.00

Mascara with motors? Worth a shot! If you're anything like me, then sadly you spend a decent amount of time coiffing your eyelashes with your favorite mascara. Coat after coat. Separation after separation. In ONE MINUTE this oscillates 7,000 times and coats your lashes perfectly! (Maybelline has an alternative version as well.)

4. Almay "Smart Shade Blush" - $8.99

This product does all the work for you. This adjusts to your skin tone and all you need is a pea sized amount to achieve a flirty glow in seconds.

5. Aquolina "Pink Sugar Creamy Perfume Solid" - $22.00

This little compact can be tucked into your purse. It's solid, so there's no fear of spilling or breaking. The smell is delicious and lasts for hours!

6. Oscar Blandi "Pronto-Dry Shampoo" - $21.00

Overslept and it's hair washing day? No worries, you won't look like a grease ball on my watch! With this spray you get what every professional wash and blowout gives you: Removal of oil and buildup and long lasting volume! It will also leave your hair smelling fresh and revitalized.

Lock, Stock, and Smokin' Fashion....

Most of us have been inspired by our favorite celebrities red carpet smokey eyes. We want that same sultry sex appeal, but not everyone can have a team of makeup artists to work their magic. This is a list of varying degrees of drama for those who want a little or A LOT of smoke to their look. Whether it be a dark polish to your nails, glitter or a little gun powder eye liner, everyone will find something on this list to get their fix.

1. Kat Von D for Sephora- "Rock 'n Roll Eye Shadow Duo in Sixxshooter" $20

If you're a smoky eye addict like I am, then you will absolutely adore this compact! Long lasting, and it goes on subtle so you have
control to build up the drama that you'd like.

2. Sephora by O.P.I- "Matte Nail Color inMetrochic" $9

I can't lie to you, the matte finish threw me off at first. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, only made for those serious trendsetters out there. But it will really grow on you! Promise. You can even add gloss to the nail base or the tip for a unique twist on the classic french manicure.

You've got to love charcoal liners. Even worn only accompanied by mascara it is incredibly sexy! Or grab some shadows and mix 'n match with this replacing the classic blacks and browns that sometimes become tired.


This is for those girls who want to try the smoky effect, but aren't totally committed to the sometimes high drama it entails. It's creamy, and adds a gorgeous smoked purple haze to your eyes.

5. Make Up For Ever -"Glitters in Silver 2" $13

Alright you attention seekers, you know who you are. Get creative! Place a little dab of this anywhere you'd like for a fearless pop of sparkle. Tip: Coat your lids with a small amount of "M.A.C: Gloss Creme Brilliance" to allow the glitter to adhere easier, more evenly and stay put!

6. M.A.C - "Zoom Lash in Zoom Black" $13

This is one of the most amazing mascara's on the market, I swear it. It provides amazing length, thickness and doesn't leave your lashes stiff or clumped. But you only need a small amount! A little goes a long way. You can also sweep it on after using your favorite mascara for an added punch!

7. M.A.C. - "Eye Kohl in Smolder" $14.50

Last but not least, for those who are loyal to their black eyeliner it's a smoky eye STAPLE. It's thick, goes on smoothly and has
incredibly rich pigment.

Also, if you want to master you're own smoldering look study Troy Jensen, Mario Dedivanovic, and Stephen Moleski. Best known for their works on Jennifer Lopez, The Kardashians, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, Megan Fox and many other undeniably gorgeous women.