Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For girls on the go...

Let's face it. Time is everything! To some people it isn't as important to rise at dawn just to "put your face on" than it is to slap the Snooze button a dozen times. I know, I'm one of them. Now you don't have to go about your day looking like an ogre. Whether you're a college student, business woman or mother of 4 --great news-- there are so many options to get a little extra shut eye, and still look fabulous!

1. Avon "In a Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets" (14 sheets) - $9.00

No need to buy shadow, brushes and then blend, this does it for you. Close your eyes and with just a rub on the back of the paper you get a professional look in seconds.

2. Covergirl "Outlast Lipstain" - $7.49

I know they look like sharpies! But I swear by this. One application lasts for hours. It mocks that old school "highlighter"trick. Yes, a real highlighter. Though this is only meant for your lips and with much cooler colors. Put some chapstick over it and you have
a colored lipgloss.

3. LancĂ´me "Oscillation Mascara"- $34.00

Mascara with motors? Worth a shot! If you're anything like me, then sadly you spend a decent amount of time coiffing your eyelashes with your favorite mascara. Coat after coat. Separation after separation. In ONE MINUTE this oscillates 7,000 times and coats your lashes perfectly! (Maybelline has an alternative version as well.)

4. Almay "Smart Shade Blush" - $8.99

This product does all the work for you. This adjusts to your skin tone and all you need is a pea sized amount to achieve a flirty glow in seconds.

5. Aquolina "Pink Sugar Creamy Perfume Solid" - $22.00

This little compact can be tucked into your purse. It's solid, so there's no fear of spilling or breaking. The smell is delicious and lasts for hours!

6. Oscar Blandi "Pronto-Dry Shampoo" - $21.00

Overslept and it's hair washing day? No worries, you won't look like a grease ball on my watch! With this spray you get what every professional wash and blowout gives you: Removal of oil and buildup and long lasting volume! It will also leave your hair smelling fresh and revitalized.

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