Friday, October 9, 2009

M.A.C Halloween looks!

Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due. Typically i don't post other peoples work, but i couldn't resist! This is hands down one of the most creative uses of makeup i've EVER seen for a costume. *picking up jaw off floor* I'm so inspired now for Halloween. It's one of my favorite days of the year! Maybe i'll go as Brenda Star using a similar idea to this comic strip girl. Kuddos to the amazing minds and talent of M.A.C senior artists: Bianca Alexander, Luc Bouchard, Keri Blair, Sandy Joseph and Chantel Miller. Honestly, amazing!

Photo Courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics Facebook page

What are you going as this year!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For my penny-pinching diva's!

When new things arrive at the department/makeup specialty stores yours truly flock's there like a Zombie in the night, it's just instinctual. I know I'm not alone here, women are predisposed to be drawn to beauty. What can make us a better version of ourselves? Our eyes wide open searching for the perfect products. $30 nail polish, $40 mascara's, $70 eye shadows, $300 face creams! I mean, when does "this is too much money" come into play? If your like me it doesn't. I'm amongst the beauty obsessed, I venture to say I'd sell my soul for a Le Mer face cream. Okay, maybe not, but I WOULD work a lot of overtime, and probably forgo electricity for the month. However, my love for all things beauty does not speak for the "everyday woman." I know most women out there love to window shop these items, but could never fathom spending obscene amounts of money on products. If you're a penny-pinching Diva this one is for you.... Great beauty buys for a natural look. All $6 or less. Hug me if you need to...

Ponds dry skin cream - $4.89

Think of it as I.V fluid for your face, this will hydrate you and leave you as soft as $300 Le Mer face cream, some would say it's even better, and you won't become sick with buyers remorse.

2. Rimmel London Hide the blemish concealer - $5.19

Be prepared to be amazed at what this will cover, be gone dark circles and pesky pimples.

3. Maybelline pure makeup foundation - $5.49

I've used this, and I must say the coverage is flawless, and will not leave you looking overdone. I'd compare the effects to Stila's Illuminating Liquid Foundation for $38.

4. e.l.f All over color stick in Lilac Petal- $1

Much like NARS The Multiple, this can be used just as their brand name states on your eyes, lips, and face (e.l.f) I would use this as a blush, but on days when you're in a rush plop this all of those areas for a pretty subtle and youthful look.

5. Cover Girl Eye enhancer 3 kit shadows in Shimmering sands - $4.69

This gorgeous palette comes with 3 pans, the colors have a great pigment, and are very natural with a light shimmer. A great look especially when similar colors go for $15 a piece at m.a.c.

6. mark. On the edge hook up liquid eyeliner in Cleo- $5.50

Because mark. is only sold by an avon/mark Representative I consider it a hidden gem, I use this eyeliner religiously it's also a fave of reality show alumni turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad.

7. N.Y.C Classic brow & Liner pencils in sable - $0.99

You can use this on your brow, or for liner! It lasts forever and come on.... nothing is less than a dollar these days!!!

8. Boots Botanics volumizing mascara - $5.94

Another hidden gem adorned by most in the UK, this gives great length to your lashes, and will not clump!

9. Milani Crystal gloss in
Tantalizing 11A-$3.49

For a little bit pinker of a shade than just a nude lip, this is flattering, simplistically sexy also shiny without being sticky.

10. Wet N Wild craze nail polish in Inferno- $1.99

I know what you're thinking, Wet n Wild??? You'd be surprised how this apply's, and looks when all finished. Their products have come a long way since I was in junior high. Definitely comparable to Chanel's polish without the accompanied sounds of your wallet draining.

There you have it, now you can get a whole face and nails using great products for less than $40!! What I typically spend on an eyeshadow palette. Hmm...maybe I should take my own advice? Check back soon for another $6 or less post for a Dramatic evening look.

Beauty-book-buy of the week

“It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist

- Richard Corliss

It's that time of the week again! Another great book to check out, by a great makeup artist.

Mary Quant has had much to do with fashion world since the 50's. From Stores, and her own iconic clothing and makeup line "Mary Quant LTD". This eccentric woman has done, and seen it all. Not to mention her own claim to have invented duvet covers, the Mini-skirt and Hot pants. You can't argue her knowledge, so learn from it! Using her 'self-analysis' chart you can figure out what makeup will look best for your face shape, color, and complexion. Includes great "How-To's" for day and evening, and useful tips for skin care, and massage. Extremely fun, inspiring, and informative, you'll most certainly enjoy this read.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You put what, where!?

So, it's the night before a big day and you spot a mammoth volcanic mass on your face. You search and riffle through your drawers and cabinets for your Clearasil, and nada. It's either grown legs and ran away from your recurring acne, or dried up into a useless zit fighting pile of dust. Just spot the Colgate Toothpaste hanging out by the sink and smack it on that sucker as fast as you can. By morning your face is clear, and you have this little improvised secret to smile about. Truth is, we all have our little tips and good lord are they useful! So here are some of the ones I love!!

Vaseline - If I was stranded on an island and could bring one thing, this would be it. I swear I ALWAYS have a tub of this in my house. Combats dry lips, ashy elbows, knees and chapped cheeks. Aside from those common uses, here are my tricks:

- Shimmy a coat of this on your eyelashes at night, it serves as a great conditioner and makes mascara apply more evenly in the morning.
- Hair masks are messy and time consuming, so try adding some Vaseline to the ends of your hair at night. When your hair is washed, conditioned and blown out, those straw-like ends will be hydrated and softer.

Q-Tips - Bless these little cotton ended sticks of gold. So many different ways to use them, aside from the wax in your ears!

- After you apply your eyeliner, stroke a tip of one of these babies with an eyeshadow close to the same pigment, then use it to smudge and set your liner. Also works great as an eyeshadow blender. No need for expensive brushes.
- Ever get makeup gunk in the corner of your eyes? Not a good look. Dampen a tip with water and use it lightly to catch the makeup for a flawless eye.
- Dip one into translucent powder, then use it to clean up any areas of your face after you've applied your makeup, such as the ashes of dark shadow your smoky eyes leave behind, etc...

Waterproof mascara- Not just your pal on a beach day.

- Have a few gray hairs and missed a coloring? No need to pluck 100+ hairs until your hairdresser rescues you. Stroke a color of mascara that is close to your hair color along the grays for a temporary camouflage no one will detect.

Baby Powder - I love this stuff. Seriously, the list could go on for what you can do with it.

- Woke up late! It's hair washing day! Why didn't I buy that dry shampoo? Crap. Take a SMALL amount of this powder and use your fingertips to slowly work it into your oily roots. Remember to use a little at a time or you will end up looking like George Washington. When done correctly, it will fluff up the volume, absorb oil, smell fresh and won't alter the color of your hair.
- Leave your makeup bags at home! It's all about a low maintenance mid-day freshen up. Use a travel size baby powder, then take a tissue, lightly pick up a dab of powder and brush it over the spots you're most oily. Works like a translucent powder, without all the bags and equipment.
- Hate sand all over you at the beach? Rub this powder on any areas covered in wet sand and it will slide right off. Leaves behind NO cakey mess.

Deodorant - This isn't just for the pits!

- For any major event where you NEED your makeup and face to stay PERFECT: Take clear roll on deodorant, put some on a makeup sponge before applying foundation, and then dab around your hairline. Let dry. Pat softly with a paper towel. Then apply your makeup. This will prevent drops of sweat to run down your face or ruin your makeup.

Cold water - We all know drinking this gives you a great glow, and running some over your hair will make it shinier. But what else?

- At the end of your shower, run cold water over your body to temporarily tighten the appearance of your skin, works wonders on your face. This will also help makeup to be applied and blended more evenly and look better than ever!
- In a rush and your nails are wet? Dip them in cold water to dry them faster, it's neater than a hair dyer which may leave smudges.

Hairspray - Not just for your tresses...

- Unruly eyebrows before a wax can be a nightmare! If you don't want to buy brow gel, or you're out, spray a brow brush with a maximum hold hair spray and then brush them in the direction you'd like them to be in for a great hold!

What are your favorite tricks?