Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For my penny-pinching diva's!

When new things arrive at the department/makeup specialty stores yours truly flock's there like a Zombie in the night, it's just instinctual. I know I'm not alone here, women are predisposed to be drawn to beauty. What can make us a better version of ourselves? Our eyes wide open searching for the perfect products. $30 nail polish, $40 mascara's, $70 eye shadows, $300 face creams! I mean, when does "this is too much money" come into play? If your like me it doesn't. I'm amongst the beauty obsessed, I venture to say I'd sell my soul for a Le Mer face cream. Okay, maybe not, but I WOULD work a lot of overtime, and probably forgo electricity for the month. However, my love for all things beauty does not speak for the "everyday woman." I know most women out there love to window shop these items, but could never fathom spending obscene amounts of money on products. If you're a penny-pinching Diva this one is for you.... Great beauty buys for a natural look. All $6 or less. Hug me if you need to...

Ponds dry skin cream - $4.89

Think of it as I.V fluid for your face, this will hydrate you and leave you as soft as $300 Le Mer face cream, some would say it's even better, and you won't become sick with buyers remorse.

2. Rimmel London Hide the blemish concealer - $5.19

Be prepared to be amazed at what this will cover, be gone dark circles and pesky pimples.

3. Maybelline pure makeup foundation - $5.49

I've used this, and I must say the coverage is flawless, and will not leave you looking overdone. I'd compare the effects to Stila's Illuminating Liquid Foundation for $38.

4. e.l.f All over color stick in Lilac Petal- $1

Much like NARS The Multiple, this can be used just as their brand name states on your eyes, lips, and face (e.l.f) I would use this as a blush, but on days when you're in a rush plop this all of those areas for a pretty subtle and youthful look.

5. Cover Girl Eye enhancer 3 kit shadows in Shimmering sands - $4.69

This gorgeous palette comes with 3 pans, the colors have a great pigment, and are very natural with a light shimmer. A great look especially when similar colors go for $15 a piece at m.a.c.

6. mark. On the edge hook up liquid eyeliner in Cleo- $5.50

Because mark. is only sold by an avon/mark Representative I consider it a hidden gem, I use this eyeliner religiously it's also a fave of reality show alumni turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad.

7. N.Y.C Classic brow & Liner pencils in sable - $0.99

You can use this on your brow, or for liner! It lasts forever and come on.... nothing is less than a dollar these days!!!

8. Boots Botanics volumizing mascara - $5.94

Another hidden gem adorned by most in the UK, this gives great length to your lashes, and will not clump!

9. Milani Crystal gloss in
Tantalizing 11A-$3.49

For a little bit pinker of a shade than just a nude lip, this is flattering, simplistically sexy also shiny without being sticky.

10. Wet N Wild craze nail polish in Inferno- $1.99

I know what you're thinking, Wet n Wild??? You'd be surprised how this apply's, and looks when all finished. Their products have come a long way since I was in junior high. Definitely comparable to Chanel's polish without the accompanied sounds of your wallet draining.

There you have it, now you can get a whole face and nails using great products for less than $40!! What I typically spend on an eyeshadow palette. Hmm...maybe I should take my own advice? Check back soon for another $6 or less post for a Dramatic evening look.


  1. omg i LOVE ponds dry skin cream. use it everyday! and i'm dying for new nail polish! and wet n wild has really upgraded their line in my opinion!

  2. It's the best skin cream, i swear...

    My friend uses Craze by Wet n Wild and her nails look amazing all the time. It's so unfair. It has really proven to me that you don't need to spend a trillion dollars to look fabulous. :)