Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beauty-book-buy of the week

“It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist

- Richard Corliss

It's that time of the week again! Another great book to check out, by a great makeup artist.

I'm a huge Bobbi Brown fan, she's a beauty pioneer who made it possible for women to look amazing without slapping on the makeup with a kitchen spatula! In fact I remember passing her books in Barnes & Nobles when I was in high school and flipping through the pages in complete awe, it's where I first learned of my passion for makeup, and the reason why i wanted to pursue it. This book is a favorite because it gives you a new fresh take on application and technique in addition to helpful tips for the trickiest times. Such as days where you may feel a little frumpy, makeup during pregnancy, and an overall "honest approach" on how to make others, or yourself look best naturally. Also, a great read for anyone a little fuzzy on how to correctly wear foundation! She's an influence to me, and I know she would be one for you if she isn't already.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Purple Lust

My trademark is purple. I'm not really sure when this obsession kicked in, especially since I spent the majority of my high school career solely dressed in black. Now I've obtained everything from Amethyst sweaters, to lilac eye shadows, eggplant walls in my house and I rock smokey purple eyes like nobody's business. To me the color not only compliments my skin tone, but puts me in a better mood. Okay, I'm not crazy, it's been proven that colors can do that! Though my makeup suitcases are stashed with every variation of the Indigo genre I have a few little crushes (old, and new) that I need to add to the family.

1. Stila- Barbie Loves Stila Smudgepot in Purple Pumps - $20

I have a Barbie complex, and I love her. I imagine this is a playful and vibrant cream to wear as a base, shadow or liner. It will be a little 80's punk rock, but I enjoy that in makeup from time to time. Break away from what's "norm" and mix it up!

2. Dior- 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Night Butterfly 173 - $56

This palette is a dream. Perfect shades for both days in, and nights out, long lasting, and lustrous! Come on we all know Dior shadows are to die for! (They better be for almost $60 a pop!)

3. M.A.C- Mattene Lipstick in Night Violet (matte) - $14.50

Part of the new "Style Black" collection This lipstick is so sexy on both pale skin, and dark. Which is why I adore it. Lightly dab your lips then smooth on a chapstick topcoat for a muted sex appeal or let your freak flag fly by putting on a full application and top it off with a new must have right below...

4. M.A.C- Glimmerglass in Bling Black- $18

You can apply this to virtually any of your favorite lipsticks for a steaming "bad girl" look. I know some people will be deterred from purchasing these because of how dark the "Style Black" colors are. So if you're curious, but a little too shy to just gun it go to one of my favorite sites "" for a great video on what these colors look like outside of the box!

5. L'Oreal HIP- Shocking Shadow Pigments in Fiery 124 - $12

I swear this has been on the market forever, and everytime I pass it in CVS visions "dance in my head" of all the looks I could create. (yes, that's how my mind works. sad, huh?) Also, it's a great alternative to M.A.C pigments that usually go for about $20.

6. Chanel Le Vernis nail colour - in Vendetta $23

This reminds me of mysterious and romantic purple silk you may see in a high end fabric store. A great glam shade for long and short nails for any time. Not to mention the fact that in my personal opinion Chanel's coverage and smooth finish is like NO other.

What's your signature color?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Dew you!"

If you're a hot blooded female then my guess is you've been envious of someone "glamorous" or famous a time or two in your life! I must admit I've flipped through the sometimes agonizing pages of a Victoria's Secret Catalog and felt a bit.....drab. I can't hold a candle to the likes of a Victoria's Secret model and their otherworldly good looks, especially on days where I'm lounging around in sweats and a scrunchy. Yes, i still wear a good 1990's scrunchy from time to time. During those moments of deep self deprecation we must remind ourselves of all the help they get. We forget that they didn't just land in the middle of an exotic beach, hair perfectly coiffed, glowing makeup and skin immaculate, ready for their closeup. TEAMS of hairdressers, stylists, and makeup artists are on hand to make those women "supermodels." You too can have a piece of that perfection, learn an industry secret! Skin polishing and body makeup. Try out some of my faves for a special event and score a dewy model-esque bod:

1. Make Up For Ever - Face and body liquid makeup -$38

A trick of the trade for a red carpet is body makeup! Yes, actual foundation. Covers imperfections, and creates across the board perfect texture. This particular formula is geared towards the face and body. Drying to a satin finish, lightweight, and in gel form this is wonderful for dry skin as it will absorb without looking cakey, which is a rare find! Exfoliate before use, apply moisturizer, let seep in your skin, then apply a thin veil of this makeup, blot and let air dry before getting dressed.

2. Soap & Glory for Target - Easy Glistening body spray - $12.99

Just a quick spray on your legs and you get the smoothed appearance of a wax. Adds just enough shine to your skin without looking like you applied thick baby oil.

3. Nars - The Multiple - Copacabana - $37

"Multiples by Nars" have to be one of my favorite products out there. You can virtually use it all over! So it's worth the cost. Putting aside the multi-use for your face, you can apply it to the points of your shoulders, clavicles, legs, and any other area that you want to glow. Perfect for travel use as well since it's both small, and a solid.

4. Guerlain - Terracotta spray SPF 10 - $59

You gotta love this! Ideal for those women who are cautious of actually tanning, timid of spray tan booths but are looking for a little color. You can spray this all over your body for an even looking tan, just where you want to look bronzed, and even dust over your face to set your makeup. The best part is if you didn't apply it the way you should have, or you're just not feeling the effects go take a shower--it washes right off like makeup!

5. Naturally Victoria's Secret Acai Berry & Magnolia Illuminating Body Polish - $18

Before any of these other tips the key is to exfoliate! By clearing dead skin cells of the surface it will make your skin healthier, softer and will help makeup adhere better. This does the trick wonderfully and it smells delicious!

6. Body By Victoria - The Body Lotion - $20

Personally, i adore this lotion above all others! Softens like no others I've tried, and the scent lasts all day. Perfect way to perk up in the morning after your shower.

7. Urban Decay Cosmetics - Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer - $28

A staple for a casual beach day, or a scandalous a night out. This lotion hydrates and leaves behind a gold shimmer to accent the sun, or the moons appearance on your skin. Just enough glow to look sexy without trying too hard.

8. M.A.C Cosmetics - Eyeshadow in Phloof- $14

A perfect frosty pinky off-white! This is my little secret. Typically people have a million products for each body part. But i see no reason to keep eyeshadows solely on your eyes. So if I'm wearing a dress, tank, or anything revealing skin i take a light swoop of this and dust it on these areas for a perfect dew: Forehead, cheekbones, brow bone, philtrum, shoulders, clavicles and any other spots i want to glow. A SMALL amount on each area will be perfect otherwise you'll look as shiny as tin foil.

9. Soap & Glory for Target - Glow hydrating shimmer lotion -$9.99

"Another shimmery body lotion" I know what you're thinking. But this is for my girls next door. It richly moisturizes, leaves a flirty scent, and a subtle pink sheen to your skin. This isn't too forward but it will definitely get your skin noticed.

10. Kat Von D for Sephora - Tattoo concealer- $25

For any of you that may have had a spur of the moment mistake inked on your body, or you're looking to conceal a tat for any reason, this will do the trick. Stamped and approved by someone who knows tattoo's like no other, this will cover up nicely, but beware, it isn't removal. I've yet to see a Tattoo concealer of any kind cover completely. So work with a Sephora artist to help match one of the 8 tones they offer to your skin tone, and test it before you purchase, just in case the coverage is less than you were hoping for.

Good luck with these little tips! Have one you'd like to share? Comment below!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beauty-book-buy of the week

“It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist

- Richard Corliss

It's that time of the week again! Another great book to check out, by a great makeup artist.

Linda Mason has been revolutionizing the makeup world since the 70's, I venture to say she's worked with just about every fashion go-to designer! I find her work to be fun, and cute, with a punk-rock edge that i personally adore. If you're favorite part of makeup is playing up your eyes then you'll love it. Within the pages are 55 unique looks that you can try yourself for practice, or perhaps use to inspire new work! What's also amazing is Linda Mason herself teaches workshops on anything you need to know about makeup right in NYC! How many other Makeup icons do that? Check out for more on classes, her makeup line, work and other books she's penned.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The early bird gets the dark circles....

Work, family, friends, we are thinking of everyone but ourselves. It seems like taking care of ones self has become a lost priority. Take some time for YOU. Busy schedules often leave you haggard, causing dark circles under your eyes, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. It's imperative that you stay hydrated, lower your stress levels and get in at least eight hours of sleep each night. As important as these things are for your physical appearance, they are most important for your overall health. So while you take a load off, vow to drink your H20 and set an earlier bedtime. I can help with the rest.

To achieve the maximum effects by doing your part to stay healthy as stated above, here are some holistic measures for your eyes: Place a chilled spoon, raw potato slices, or cucumbers over your lids to constrict blood vessels and diminish dreaded dark circles and puffiness. Tea bags also work as most contain an anti-inflammatory. My personal favorite is green tea. Seep for 6
minutes let cool off (so you don't burn yourself) and place the bags carefully over your closed eyes. Follow up with your own personal favorite eye cream. Then, if you need a little extra hand to perk up your peepers, makeup can be your best friend.

Although, let's be real. No matter how much time and money you spend on your makeup, you can't just expect it to perform miracles. Major skin ailments will not just completely go away with a dab of concealer. It's not cosmetic surgery, so understand what it WILL do for you. Camouflage.

Here's a list of my FAVES....

If you suffer from rosacea, or any sort of redness, try this in "color adjust." Not only will it neutralize the redness with it's green shade, it will also minimize the look of fine lines and create a smooth canvas for your concealer and foundation.

2. Benefit - Erase Paste $26

Blends so smoothly, and erases before your eyes! Definitely lives up to it's name.

3. Benefit - Lemon Aid $20

My absolute favorite eyelid primer. Perfectly cleans the slate, hiding any and all discoloration.

4. Kevyn Aucoin Beauty - The Sensual Skin Enhancer $45

You won't need to use much as this is a super rich formula. It can be used as a foundation, concealer AND highlighter. And come on... it's Kevyn Aucoin, need I say more!?

5. Make Up For Ever - Lift Concealer $22

This is just one of those magic products.
Containing Tensine, this will firm and tighten while keeping skin healthy with vitamin A and E. It will also work as a concealer and highlighter. Oh! Did I mention it will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles? Absolutely a must.

This will work wonders to conceal those more pesky brown spots, blemishes and under eye circles. It also doubles as a foundation.

7. Neutrogena - Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick $6.50

Extremely lightweight, glides on easy and will not appear thick or cakey. Hence it's perfectly named "skin smoothing stick." Comes in a variety of colors, but as I stated before, yellow is the best color to neutralize those under eye circles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beauty-book-buy of the week

“It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist

- Richard Corliss

Reading material is crucial if you're a makeup junky, an aspiring/working makeup artist or someone looking for simple application and tips. Kevyn Aucoin is a true visionary, not to mention one of my favorites. I always recommend researching your "makeup elders" so to speak, and learn what they've brought to this glamorous trade.

Why I love it: A New York Bestseller this book is informative, as it is full of tips, looks, and various shapes/colors/sizes of faces. It combines techniques useful to know as a beginner and advances you to harder tricks of the trade. Another great feature are the pages of celebrity makeovers. Lisa Marie Presley as "Marilyn Monroe," Nicole Kidman as "Ann-Margret," and you'll never recognize Demi Moore!
Check out this window into his life, and work...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Midnight Madness....

Seems that the world has been "glamoured" into loving things that go bump in the night. Audiences have been love bitten by Twilight, HBO's "True Blood," and The CW's "The Vampire Diaries." Making vampire pop culture more popular than ever. Let's toast to this madness with a little after dark beauty. Pick and choose products to be the queen of your night.

Let's start this off with a bang:

1. Kat Von D for Sephora - Perfume in- "Sinner" $55

Intoxicating! As this smell lingers it's bound to leave you on someone's mind....

2. Sephora by O.P.I - Nail Colour in "Dark Room" $55

"Bid adieu" to the tired french manicure. Try this black tweaked with forrest green. Be a rebel.

3. Lancôme - Declaring Indigo limited-edition color design
palette liberty in "Golden Audacity" $42

Think outside of the box of greys, and blacks with a sexy new idea for a smoky eye look in indigo and gold! Absolutely hypnotising.

4. M.A.C Cosmetics - Lipstick- In "Ruby Woo" $14.00

No doubt about it, from makeup artists, beauty editors, and all over the blogosphere this is a favorite across the board. Rock this blood stained lip look with a little clear gloss on top! Sinfully sexy.

5. Benefit Cosmetics - Face powder in "Thrrrob" - $28

Ultra light, and seductive this mimicks your cheeks natural flush when you're in an...errr... lustful situation.

6. mark. - on the edge hook up liquid eye liner- in "cleo" $5.50

Liquid liner is almost always present when trying to evoke your inner bad girl, this one has a great precise tip for any type of drama you're looking for.

7. Givenchy -Phenomen'eyes mascara- in "Phenomen'Black" $28

This will top off your look and make you look as untouchable as it's precision wand.

8. Hair - Try the Herbal Essences collection "Tousle me softly" for a low cost way to achieve sex kitten hair!

On a fashion note: Finish up whatever makeup you've mixed and matched for this look with a hot coverup. Just about every true badgirl out there owns a motorcycle jacket. This is one of my favorites:

Express- (Minus the) Leather Motorcycle Jacket - In "black" $118

and for an inexpensive alternative:

Forever 21 - Slant Zipper Cropped Moto Jacket - in "black" $32.80

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Golden Age

After almost 70 years "The Golden Age" is back! Prepare to see a lot of 1940's hairstyles this fall and winter. Long hair parted to the side with the "1940's classic wave" or an updo. Red lipstick, long dramatized eyelashes and lace dresses!
I LOVE Old Hollywood!

Rita Hayworth 1940

Fall 2009 Megan Fox

Fall 2009 Kim Kardashian

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mermaid Chic!

It's long since the days I jumped in a pool and swam around pretending I was a mermaid. I always thought they were so enchanting. That's why I can't contain my excitement for the new
mermaid trends that surround us. Regardless if you want to tease up your day to day look, or want a fresh and sultry new idea for Halloween next month, these options are both fun, and stylish.

"Dress" the part! From walking down the aisle, or
the red carpet, various mermaid shapes, and colors are all over and sexier than ever! Flaunt those hips!

For a more casual idea, top off a jeans and T-Shirt look with a Crochet Leaf Scarf. A hot new look, also sort of fitting our theme resembling seaweed! Bakers-Purple/black/gold- $15

1. This polish may be technically "out of season" but you can't deny that it's gorgeous! Perhaps you're a warm weather fanatic, this just could be the way to brighten up the upcoming colder months, put some summer on your nails!

Sephora by O.P.I- Mermaid Collection- in "mail order mermaid" $9

2. This quad embodies fantasy. Put a little blue on using the purple as your accent shade. Experiment. But remember, when using blues there's a fine line between come hither color and Mimi Bobeck.

DIOR -5 color iridescent eyeshadow - in "electric lights" $56

3. If you're not the type for colorful shadow, then be a little daring by putting on only a dash of this eyeliner and some black volumizing mascara.

Make Up For Ever - Aqua eyes- "Blue With Green Highlights 12L" $17

4. Every mermaid's complexion has a rosy dew to it. Being pink and creamy this does the trick. Packed with two colors for contouring, and highlighting. This duo is a sexy combination of sheer pink, and pink champagne with shimmer.

Nars The Multiple Duo in "Maldives/Riviera" $45

5. This gloss so girly, and sweet. Perfect to top your makeup off!

NARS- Lip Gloss- in "Turkish Delight" $24

Lastly, with this trend hair is where it's at.

1. Long waves - When adding curl it's helpful for the hair to not be perfectly clean, so try this do' out on a day where you don't wash your locks. Take a large barrel curling iron, and starting a little off of the bottom curl up to about 3 inches from your roots, leave for a moment then spray. After it settles shake your hair out, or gently run your fingers through it.

2. Mermaid Braids- Two small front braids met in the back, one braid wrapped around your head, One fish tail, or a french braid framing one side of your face. I love this look! Braids are a little tricky if you don't know how. I've found detailed pictures on "how to's" very helpful. I suggest starting off with the "fish tail" or "fish bone" braid. They look intricate and complicated but i find them easier to weave than a french braid!

3. Brunettes to Blonde: Do blondes really have more fun? More celebrities are rocking this look than ever. Perfect for a glamorous little sea nymph! I'm a brunette myself, so this isn't really my favorite fad (traitors! haha) but if you MUST make sure you get it done professionally or i can promise you that your head will resemble a pumpkin rather than Darryl Hannah!

Fall trends: The Earthling...

When you ask a woman what look she's going for, 9 times out of 10 she will say, "natural!" Of course she isn't quite ready to do without makeup completely, she wants just a little help. However sometimes that natural look of muted taupes, tans, and beiges becomes so blasé. That's why I'm so excited about the new "it" looks going on right now! One of this fall's hottest looks is a refined earthy appeal. The colors of foliage, pumpkins, fields of gold, apples, pine trees and rich chocolates are all "now" trends for your face. So it's still natural beauty, just with a POP of vibrant color.

Foundation: To avoid the cakey look and keep your own skin radiating through, you can always use a tinted moisturizer. However, I've always found them to be a bit overrated. Most of the time our imperfections still show through, sometimes they

even give a slick and greasy look to your face. If you agree, try achieving glowing skin by using M.A.C's mineralize line. It will not let you down. Start out with Mineralize Satinfinish SPF foundation, then use a small amount of Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on top. The right shade for you is KEY, so ask for a hand at the counter. (M.A.C has a great tutorial on their website on this product as well!)

Cheeks: Contour, contour, contour! Which is also an amazing cheat to making your face appear thinner, and who doesn't love that around the holidays? I wouldn't suggest using a bronzer to do this, since it's not summer, and our tans are fading, you don't want it to look fake. Also, go easy on the amount used, you don't want a clown effect either. Use a pressed powder that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone and buff under your cheekbones and a tad around your jaw line. Finish up by adding a light flush to the apples of your cheeks, I am obsessed with Nars Blush in "Orgasm." It's not a new product by any means, but it's a must. Light, flattering, and gorgeous on anyone's skin tone.

Eyes: All right, it's what you've been waiting for. Back to the rich autumn colors I was talking about. To dazzle with your lids use Guerlain Eye shadow Quads in both "Brun Mordore 441" and "Bronze Dore 481", or M.A.C eyeshadow "Humid" and Mineralize eyeshadow quad in "Natural Flare" and play around with the placements of each color on your lid. Be creative! Then finish it up with a a smooth line of black liquid liner to your upper lash line. No retro wing though! If there isn't enough liner for your liking, try brushing the bottom lash line with a brown shadow instead of heavy liner. It's about simplicity!

Eyebrows: Stop over-plucking this season! Thicker brows frame the face better, make your face more narrow, and can even take off a few years. Just don't go all Frieda Kahlo on us, that would be overdoing it. Still keep them cleaned up, and nicely placed with a conditioning brow gel by Anastasia.

Lips: Though recently so many dark lip colors, even black, graced the runways and magazines, I would stick to a nude in order to pull off this earthy vibe. We're finishing this up with some sun on your kisser. Try mark. Glow Baby Glow luxe in "Sun Luxe."