Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Dew you!"

If you're a hot blooded female then my guess is you've been envious of someone "glamorous" or famous a time or two in your life! I must admit I've flipped through the sometimes agonizing pages of a Victoria's Secret Catalog and felt a bit.....drab. I can't hold a candle to the likes of a Victoria's Secret model and their otherworldly good looks, especially on days where I'm lounging around in sweats and a scrunchy. Yes, i still wear a good 1990's scrunchy from time to time. During those moments of deep self deprecation we must remind ourselves of all the help they get. We forget that they didn't just land in the middle of an exotic beach, hair perfectly coiffed, glowing makeup and skin immaculate, ready for their closeup. TEAMS of hairdressers, stylists, and makeup artists are on hand to make those women "supermodels." You too can have a piece of that perfection, learn an industry secret! Skin polishing and body makeup. Try out some of my faves for a special event and score a dewy model-esque bod:

1. Make Up For Ever - Face and body liquid makeup -$38

A trick of the trade for a red carpet is body makeup! Yes, actual foundation. Covers imperfections, and creates across the board perfect texture. This particular formula is geared towards the face and body. Drying to a satin finish, lightweight, and in gel form this is wonderful for dry skin as it will absorb without looking cakey, which is a rare find! Exfoliate before use, apply moisturizer, let seep in your skin, then apply a thin veil of this makeup, blot and let air dry before getting dressed.

2. Soap & Glory for Target - Easy Glistening body spray - $12.99

Just a quick spray on your legs and you get the smoothed appearance of a wax. Adds just enough shine to your skin without looking like you applied thick baby oil.

3. Nars - The Multiple - Copacabana - $37

"Multiples by Nars" have to be one of my favorite products out there. You can virtually use it all over! So it's worth the cost. Putting aside the multi-use for your face, you can apply it to the points of your shoulders, clavicles, legs, and any other area that you want to glow. Perfect for travel use as well since it's both small, and a solid.

4. Guerlain - Terracotta spray SPF 10 - $59

You gotta love this! Ideal for those women who are cautious of actually tanning, timid of spray tan booths but are looking for a little color. You can spray this all over your body for an even looking tan, just where you want to look bronzed, and even dust over your face to set your makeup. The best part is if you didn't apply it the way you should have, or you're just not feeling the effects go take a shower--it washes right off like makeup!

5. Naturally Victoria's Secret Acai Berry & Magnolia Illuminating Body Polish - $18

Before any of these other tips the key is to exfoliate! By clearing dead skin cells of the surface it will make your skin healthier, softer and will help makeup adhere better. This does the trick wonderfully and it smells delicious!

6. Body By Victoria - The Body Lotion - $20

Personally, i adore this lotion above all others! Softens like no others I've tried, and the scent lasts all day. Perfect way to perk up in the morning after your shower.

7. Urban Decay Cosmetics - Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer - $28

A staple for a casual beach day, or a scandalous a night out. This lotion hydrates and leaves behind a gold shimmer to accent the sun, or the moons appearance on your skin. Just enough glow to look sexy without trying too hard.

8. M.A.C Cosmetics - Eyeshadow in Phloof- $14

A perfect frosty pinky off-white! This is my little secret. Typically people have a million products for each body part. But i see no reason to keep eyeshadows solely on your eyes. So if I'm wearing a dress, tank, or anything revealing skin i take a light swoop of this and dust it on these areas for a perfect dew: Forehead, cheekbones, brow bone, philtrum, shoulders, clavicles and any other spots i want to glow. A SMALL amount on each area will be perfect otherwise you'll look as shiny as tin foil.

9. Soap & Glory for Target - Glow hydrating shimmer lotion -$9.99

"Another shimmery body lotion" I know what you're thinking. But this is for my girls next door. It richly moisturizes, leaves a flirty scent, and a subtle pink sheen to your skin. This isn't too forward but it will definitely get your skin noticed.

10. Kat Von D for Sephora - Tattoo concealer- $25

For any of you that may have had a spur of the moment mistake inked on your body, or you're looking to conceal a tat for any reason, this will do the trick. Stamped and approved by someone who knows tattoo's like no other, this will cover up nicely, but beware, it isn't removal. I've yet to see a Tattoo concealer of any kind cover completely. So work with a Sephora artist to help match one of the 8 tones they offer to your skin tone, and test it before you purchase, just in case the coverage is less than you were hoping for.

Good luck with these little tips! Have one you'd like to share? Comment below!

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