Monday, September 28, 2009

Purple Lust

My trademark is purple. I'm not really sure when this obsession kicked in, especially since I spent the majority of my high school career solely dressed in black. Now I've obtained everything from Amethyst sweaters, to lilac eye shadows, eggplant walls in my house and I rock smokey purple eyes like nobody's business. To me the color not only compliments my skin tone, but puts me in a better mood. Okay, I'm not crazy, it's been proven that colors can do that! Though my makeup suitcases are stashed with every variation of the Indigo genre I have a few little crushes (old, and new) that I need to add to the family.

1. Stila- Barbie Loves Stila Smudgepot in Purple Pumps - $20

I have a Barbie complex, and I love her. I imagine this is a playful and vibrant cream to wear as a base, shadow or liner. It will be a little 80's punk rock, but I enjoy that in makeup from time to time. Break away from what's "norm" and mix it up!

2. Dior- 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Night Butterfly 173 - $56

This palette is a dream. Perfect shades for both days in, and nights out, long lasting, and lustrous! Come on we all know Dior shadows are to die for! (They better be for almost $60 a pop!)

3. M.A.C- Mattene Lipstick in Night Violet (matte) - $14.50

Part of the new "Style Black" collection This lipstick is so sexy on both pale skin, and dark. Which is why I adore it. Lightly dab your lips then smooth on a chapstick topcoat for a muted sex appeal or let your freak flag fly by putting on a full application and top it off with a new must have right below...

4. M.A.C- Glimmerglass in Bling Black- $18

You can apply this to virtually any of your favorite lipsticks for a steaming "bad girl" look. I know some people will be deterred from purchasing these because of how dark the "Style Black" colors are. So if you're curious, but a little too shy to just gun it go to one of my favorite sites "" for a great video on what these colors look like outside of the box!

5. L'Oreal HIP- Shocking Shadow Pigments in Fiery 124 - $12

I swear this has been on the market forever, and everytime I pass it in CVS visions "dance in my head" of all the looks I could create. (yes, that's how my mind works. sad, huh?) Also, it's a great alternative to M.A.C pigments that usually go for about $20.

6. Chanel Le Vernis nail colour - in Vendetta $23

This reminds me of mysterious and romantic purple silk you may see in a high end fabric store. A great glam shade for long and short nails for any time. Not to mention the fact that in my personal opinion Chanel's coverage and smooth finish is like NO other.

What's your signature color?

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