Thursday, October 1, 2009

You put what, where!?

So, it's the night before a big day and you spot a mammoth volcanic mass on your face. You search and riffle through your drawers and cabinets for your Clearasil, and nada. It's either grown legs and ran away from your recurring acne, or dried up into a useless zit fighting pile of dust. Just spot the Colgate Toothpaste hanging out by the sink and smack it on that sucker as fast as you can. By morning your face is clear, and you have this little improvised secret to smile about. Truth is, we all have our little tips and good lord are they useful! So here are some of the ones I love!!

Vaseline - If I was stranded on an island and could bring one thing, this would be it. I swear I ALWAYS have a tub of this in my house. Combats dry lips, ashy elbows, knees and chapped cheeks. Aside from those common uses, here are my tricks:

- Shimmy a coat of this on your eyelashes at night, it serves as a great conditioner and makes mascara apply more evenly in the morning.
- Hair masks are messy and time consuming, so try adding some Vaseline to the ends of your hair at night. When your hair is washed, conditioned and blown out, those straw-like ends will be hydrated and softer.

Q-Tips - Bless these little cotton ended sticks of gold. So many different ways to use them, aside from the wax in your ears!

- After you apply your eyeliner, stroke a tip of one of these babies with an eyeshadow close to the same pigment, then use it to smudge and set your liner. Also works great as an eyeshadow blender. No need for expensive brushes.
- Ever get makeup gunk in the corner of your eyes? Not a good look. Dampen a tip with water and use it lightly to catch the makeup for a flawless eye.
- Dip one into translucent powder, then use it to clean up any areas of your face after you've applied your makeup, such as the ashes of dark shadow your smoky eyes leave behind, etc...

Waterproof mascara- Not just your pal on a beach day.

- Have a few gray hairs and missed a coloring? No need to pluck 100+ hairs until your hairdresser rescues you. Stroke a color of mascara that is close to your hair color along the grays for a temporary camouflage no one will detect.

Baby Powder - I love this stuff. Seriously, the list could go on for what you can do with it.

- Woke up late! It's hair washing day! Why didn't I buy that dry shampoo? Crap. Take a SMALL amount of this powder and use your fingertips to slowly work it into your oily roots. Remember to use a little at a time or you will end up looking like George Washington. When done correctly, it will fluff up the volume, absorb oil, smell fresh and won't alter the color of your hair.
- Leave your makeup bags at home! It's all about a low maintenance mid-day freshen up. Use a travel size baby powder, then take a tissue, lightly pick up a dab of powder and brush it over the spots you're most oily. Works like a translucent powder, without all the bags and equipment.
- Hate sand all over you at the beach? Rub this powder on any areas covered in wet sand and it will slide right off. Leaves behind NO cakey mess.

Deodorant - This isn't just for the pits!

- For any major event where you NEED your makeup and face to stay PERFECT: Take clear roll on deodorant, put some on a makeup sponge before applying foundation, and then dab around your hairline. Let dry. Pat softly with a paper towel. Then apply your makeup. This will prevent drops of sweat to run down your face or ruin your makeup.

Cold water - We all know drinking this gives you a great glow, and running some over your hair will make it shinier. But what else?

- At the end of your shower, run cold water over your body to temporarily tighten the appearance of your skin, works wonders on your face. This will also help makeup to be applied and blended more evenly and look better than ever!
- In a rush and your nails are wet? Dip them in cold water to dry them faster, it's neater than a hair dyer which may leave smudges.

Hairspray - Not just for your tresses...

- Unruly eyebrows before a wax can be a nightmare! If you don't want to buy brow gel, or you're out, spray a brow brush with a maximum hold hair spray and then brush them in the direction you'd like them to be in for a great hold!

What are your favorite tricks?


  1. That is a great post. Thanks for sharing all those tips. One I like to use is mixing blush or eyeshadow with vaseline ot create a lip colour or cream eyeshadow/blush.

    I have a picture of a brush on my page, which I dont know what it is for. If you fancy having a look and helping then I'd be delighted. Its really confusing me!!

    Nice blog, I'm reading other posts now. Look forward to reading your new ones :)

  2. Hi Emma!
    Thanks for commenting. Homemade cream blush is a GREAT tip, and so easy to do! I left you a comment about that brush on your page. Hope you enjoy the other posts, and check back often! :)

  3. Thanks :) Really appreciate it. I have also heard of people melting lots of lipstick ends to creat a full sized new colour. I have never tried it though. Have you? :)