Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make Up For Ever is heaven

My kit is filled with hidden cheapy treasures $1 concealers, $2 lipsticks, $4 foundations. I enjoy a mix and match. I've seen some of the "greats" use drugstore products alongside department store, and specialty brands. I'm not a makeup brat, I could give a "Hoot" less if the company has a celebrity ambassador, if they were just recently name dropped by the hottest magazine, and hell... I definitely don't agree that the product is better the more expensive it is. But if you're going to spend some serious money, and go after a "higher level" of product It should be about nothing but diversity, in every sense of the word. I want a product line to cover all of my clients needs, and my own. So, when it comes time to replenish my kit and spend some serious cash it's amazing to be able to pick up a phone and order everything I need in one shot. Make Up For Ever is my absolute favorite line and is always my go-to hot spot for products. I'll risk the chance of sounding infomercial-ish to show you my favorite MUFE products, and maybe you'll agree, or try them out sometime.

HD Primers - I'm loyal and true to these primers as they offer something for everyone. (Green to reduce red, pink to brighten, caramel to warm ashy skin etc.) When it dries it will leave you with a perfect and luminous canvas.

HD Foundation - Since makeup is completely going HD it's important to have a base that will cater to that. These foundations come in the most versatile range of skin tones that I know of, and have the most flawless finish. Try using two shades to sculpt the face.

HD Blush - I've found that cream/liquid blushes can look more natural than powder, however for someone not used to applying them it can turn into a big ole mess on your face. These blushes can provide a sweet glow or a deep contour and they're a little easier to work with as they don't set as fast as some others.

Star Powder - This is really a kit secret weapon! Add to foundation to create a highlighter, add water for the perfect eyeshadow, even combine it with your body lotion for an all over dew. You name it, you can use it. So worth the cost being as it can double as so many different products.

Lash Fibers - My most FAVORITE lash primer! The fibers elongate and thicken so well, then just top with a couple coats of your favorite mascara and I promise you will see more longer, more voluminous lashes.

Aqua Cream - Works similarly to their flash colors but you won't need to seal it as it's waterproof and sets fairly quickly. Use this to get a crease less vibrant pop of color on your eyes, or play around with the color on your lips or cheeks.

Special FX products - Body paint, FX , or Avant Garde with products ranging from cotton string underwear, fun lashes/glitter/crystals to coagulated blood. My favorite would be the plasto wax as you can use this alongside a spatula to erase eyebrows to fully transform a character, or you can create scars/bullet wounds/gashes.

When it comes to Make Up For Ever's products the limits are endless, most everything is multi-functional, which is why they're so amazing! You truly get more bang for your buck, and it's worth every penny.

Do you have a MUFE product fave I didn't list?

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