Sunday, May 23, 2010

MINT craving.

After seeing Beyonce's "Why don't you love me?" video where she flaunts her manicure of Chanel Le Vernis in Nouvelle Vague, I've had a fetish for anything, and everything MINT. Dark or light green it's just so refreshing and fun to the eyes. It got me thinking... what other products do I love that are cool, breezy, fun and-well-minty. Here's a little list for you to get into the spirit.

Make Up For Ever - Flash Color - Pale Green 21- $23 - To me flash colors or SO fun. They really give you the room to be creative. You can use this ANYWHERE. Yes, anywhere. Lips, eyes, cheeks. You could really use this color to bring out your eyes! Try first using a light, shimmery shadow such as shroom (M.A.C) and then adding this color lightly to the inner corners of your eyes and then a tiny bit in the sides and just a tiny amount underneath. It will be a very unexpected play with colors.

NARS - duo eyeshadow - Habanera - $32 These colors are absolutely gorgeous on and off the palette. You can go light, and build up to your liking. Coming in a plum and mint color there are SO many ways to wear this. Have fun!

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer- Color Adjust- $38 - Just as MINT relaxes, soothes, and refreshes you this shade of green primer can do the same for your skin tone! If you suffer from redness and irritation this will reduce the redness and become a perfect base for the start of your makeup.

M.A.C - Pearlglide eye liner - Under currant -$14.50 - I love this line Art Supplies by M.A.C so fun, and it really does remind me of crayons, and colored pencils like we all used in elementary school. You can use this deep minty shade to line the rims of your eye lids, or use on your water line. It really brings out brown and blue eyes the best.

Tokidoki - Punk Lash Mascara - Mad Rocker- $18 - I love this because it doesn't go on too heavy, and dark. You won't go from normal to avant garde in one coat. You can build it up, which is always a plus. Start at one coat for a tint of color, and add more to get your desired effect. Again, my favorite color irises for this shade are brown and blue. But any could pull it off.

Chanel Le Vernis - Nouvelle Vague $25 - Again, the shade that started it all. I figured I would give more props to the inspiration of my new obsession. Not looking to spend that much on nail polish? A great alternative is Revlon Nail Enamel - Minted- $3.50. It isn't as thick as Chanel, so more coats will be necessary to achieve the look.

Do you have any faves to add to the list? What do you think of the Mint trend?

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