Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Makeup Show 2010

Going into the Makeup Show I was stunned.
It was like planet makeup. Which I'd have NO problem moving to if such a place really existed! I saw people bouncing around table to table scanning new products and checking out the amazing deals. Bodypainters, models, Bloggers, celebrity hair & makeup artists, and stars alike were all mixed in the crowd brought together for one thing: The love of makeup, and it's art.

I was pulled over to Eve Pearl's booth, got to meet her, and she showed off some of her products, which I must say I fell for. You should check out the magic the HD dual pressed powder creates. You can use it wet, or dry, and it's formulated to not get that cakey appearance that most powders get when damp.

At the Stila booth I was introduced to their One step makeup. Absolutely a kit must have as it's a quadruple threat. A primer, foundation, concealer, and powder all in one! Also 100% natural mineral, and paraben free which is a get out of jail free card for your skin. The best part is it lived up to it's hype.

My skin got a makeover at Luminess Air. I'm a Temptu snob, so I must admit I had all intentions of walking past this booth. But I have this condition where I can't say no to people. Glad I stayed! The makeup itself had the consistency of water as its basically a mineral airbrush makeup. Went on smooth and up close looked like MY skin! Oh yeah, and try the body glow it's amazing for those glowaholics out there, and the prices were extremely reasonable!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had Lip Tars! Incredible, as they appear to be a gloss, dry to a satin finish, and have the lasting power of a lipstick. My favorite colors: RX, Tarred, Hush, Vapid, and Hoochie.

These were just a few of my favorite products... after my browsing I was off the the Makeup Beyond Beauty master class with Make Up For Ever's creator and artistic director Dany Sanz!

Sitting in the class waiting for it to begin, and who comes in but Kevin James Bennett. I was so excited!. As a fan of his work I was a little too intimidated to talk to him (Still kicking myself.)
He provided the sweetest introduction for the very beautiful, and talented Dany. She spoke a little about her top secret ;) tips and tricks, and demonstrated how to create an edgy snow white. Two things I noticed about her artistry is she approaches makeup like painting. She literally sketches the face as you would paper or canvas. As a mixed medium artist myself I've always had trouble combining the two. She definitely blurred that line for me, which I think will help me to take my makeup to the next level. It also seemed as her catch phrase was "Why not" which she would say before taking a makeup risk. Most importantly the words that stuck in my head from Miss.Sanz would be "Makeup should be fun! Experiment, it can always wash off." She was so inspiring.

All in all I'd say it was an amazing day. Next year I will go for the two days as there is just so much to see, do and learn. Oh and bring tons of money. Starting to save as of...now. :)

Did you go? What did you think?

P.S I have a trillion pictures and my camera/computer cord is M.I.A so...I will load and update asap. :)


  1. never got a chance to go..but I like what you shared...esp the inspirational line by Dany...Why Not??...:)

  2. She was amazing! I highly suggest you go go next time around! It's insane!